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ServicesMichigan Metal Fabrication Company - Tool and Die, CNC Machining, CAD Modeling, Prototype Parts, Sheet Metal Stamping Tools - R & A Tool and Engineering - services

R&A Tool and Engineering Co. is a full service engineering company that specializes in designing, machining and building sheet metal stamping tools for the automotive, aerospace, defense, and alternative energy industries. From animated metal flow simulations to prototype parts, 3D – designs, CNC machining, robust tooling and comprehensive CMM inspection reports, R&A is a full service die tooling partner for progressive, line and transfer stamping tools.

Our Services Include:

  • progressive stamping dies
  • transfer tooling
  • inline transfer
  • prototype parts
  • 3-D designs
  • part simulations
  • die repair
  • project management
  • reverse engineering
  • on site support